Dedicated Software Tailored to Your Business.

Business process management, CRM, instant messenger, email client, and any other functionalities on your website or smartphone.

We can provide a prototype within 3 days.

Our low-code concept is 10x faster than custom-written systems.

Implement in stages. Decide what significant business improvement you want to start with.

Over time, bs4 core can replace most of your business applications.
Formularz oferty i statusowanie w systemie workflow bs4 core

BPM workflow system

Carry out the entire process in one system, from the initial quote and lead generation to order completion.

The bs4 core system ensures the effective flow of knowledge and tasks, streamlining work across departments. We will adapt each stage to your needs to eliminate errors, data rewriting, and inaccuracies.

bs4 core is a CRM unlike any other

Common CRM user complaints:

  • the system was not tailored to their needs from the beginning, or the needs have changed over time and the program cannot be improved,
  • the system is time-consuming, as you need to manually copy and paste large amounts of information,
  • the system is archaic.

bs4 core provides the following solutions:

  • Our system is low-code. It can be easily adjusted, either in the implementation stage or during operation.
  • We include CRM as part of our standard software offering. Our bs4 core supports many company departments and data does not need to be rewritten.
  • bs4 core is a modern product that received the Innovation of the Year award in 2022.
Obsługa serwisu i reklamacji w bs4 cor - formularz​

Managing Customer Complaints

Minimize the risk of errors by automating activities related to service and complaint handling.

Increase customer satisfaction. Save time, eliminate errors, and automate customer notifications. The system can automatically monitor activities, so you will receive an alert whenever there is a problem, such as a missed deadline.


Hybrid work and work time tracking

bs4 core allows you to work wherever Internet is available. The flexibility of our low-code system allows us to develop an ideal model for managing a hybrid work model.

Managers naturally like to manage their employees’ time well, especially those who work remotely. However, employees prefer to work independently. Even though Covid is over, the problem remains.
With bs4 core, you can configure any agreement related to remote work. For example, you can program:

  • task-based accounting
  • entering working time post factum
  • clicking Start+Stop on specific tasks

See it on the map. Check distances and travel times.

bs4 core allows you to display:

  • customer location, sales or service visit
  • customer location, marked with icons and colors
  • location of employees and route history

bs4 core allows you to:

  • plan travel times
  • calculate distance between points
  • analyse historical route reports

Corporate resource management

Enter or import information regarding company cars, IT equipment, or licenses.
Design your own resource directories or use ready-made templates to record:

  • computer equipment
  • car mileage
  • repair history
  • date of next inspection
  • serial numbers
  • technical parameters
  • warranty periods

The program allows you to enter resource reservations and display their availability on a calendar. The program can alert you about upcoming dates (e.g. insurance expiration date).

Email program made for businesses

With standard email programs, employees drown in emails, forcing them to search through thousands of messages to find relevant information.

However, we recommend bs4 webmail. With our email management program, you can

  • automate common messaging activities
  • use templates
  • forward emails with internal comments
  • monitor pending emails
  • gain access to your colleagues’ email accounts (according to the set permissions)
  • archive emails by client, project, or order

Manage tasks and time off

With our system, you can:

  • Create a calendar with team tasks
  • Delegate work and view history of status changes
  • View the workload in the department and analyze progress
  • Create calendars and schedules for individual, teams and projects
  • Ensure synchronization with Google and Office365 calendars
  • Review and accept requests for time off and business trips. Track employees’ PTO.

File repository

Where is this file? Who? Is this the latest version?

With bs4 core you can enable special file fields in forms. When configuring a file field, you can specify a use. For example,

“Customer contracts” field in the contractor’s card
“Customer order” field in the order form card
“Scanned protocol file” field in the service order card
“Graphics proposals for the client” field in the graphic order card

Dedicated file fields allow you to quickly find the necessary files by entering the associated program directory. Forget about hundreds of folders and thousands of files on a shared server.
With our system, you can manage file permissions and track changes.
You can indicate existing files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive in the file fields.

Komunikator firmowy w bs4 core

Messenger – convenience and fewer conflicts.

Our messenger system allows you to send messages, questions, and guidelines to other employees from various files in the program. Messages can be associated with program items, including contractors, tasks, emails, or orders, and the recipient can of the related matter.

It is quick and convenient for everyday use. Any agreements made can be easily checked, which helps prevent misunderstandings.

The answers provided by colleagues form a discussion thread, just like in typical instant messaging system.

bs4 mobile - CRM w aplikacji mobilnej

Multifunctional tool for field work

It doesn’t matter whether you are a salesperson, service technician, or the president.

Our bs4 mobile app is a must-have when working outside the office!

Access your contacts and planner, giving you real-time knowledge about what is happening in the workplace.

We offer a fully-customizable application for mobile phones on Android or iOS (iPhone). You can use it to:

  • Submitting business expenses, enter costs and add customers and orders
  • view reports and current charts
  • communicate with colleagues via company messenger or email
  • present offers to customers
  • plan meetings, navigating to clients meetings

Electronic Document Workflow

Give opinions, accept or reject bills and review contracts.
Regardless of the time, you can:

  • scan bills and documents
  • automatically download attachments of incoming emails (e-invoices, etc.)

You can define the workflow and set responsibilities.
Other programs offer document circulation that is separate from other company applications (e.g. CRM, project management). However, everything in bs4 core is integrated. For example, the same contractor may appear in different “module”. In this case, you would not need to replicate data manually.

Get rid of ad-hoc Excel spreadsheets


bs4 core allows you to define any data sets with your own columns and cells – just like Excel, but better!

With our program, you can:

  • Monitor the quality of the entered data (checkboxes, data validation, etc.)
  • Set permissions for individual data points (view, edit)
  • View history of data changes
  • Use data in different places in the program for different users
  • Automate email tasks, including mass emails

Internal company portal

The Knowledge Base module in bs4 allows you to collect valuable information and share it with other system users. This facilitates the flow of information, improves team communication, and supports customer service by creating an FAQ database.
The published articles are organized by subject.
The content of individual sections can be addressed to everyone or to certain groups of people.

Unique functionalities only for your company

If you want to gain an advantage over your competition, you need to stand out. Act differently, better, and more creatively for the client.

Programming a very specific application to automate, calculate, or generate something would normally require hiring a software house. This is both expensive and time-consuming.
Bs4 core is a low-code platform where you can configure almost any application. It can be “built in” to a larger system, which will reduce data rewriting and the need for integration. If something cannot be configured, just reprogram it and reconnect it via bs4-API.

B2B website for customer service

Let your customers find the help they need online. You will save money.
bs4 core allows you to configure a website that is parallel to the main application your clients will log into. With flexible low-code editors, you can provide your clients can:

  • browse product catalog with prices and warehouse availability
  • place orders placement following your company procedures
  • lodge complaints and submit service orders and view status
  • view invoices and their status

bs4 does not issue invoices and is not an accounting system

Tax regulations in Poland change frequently. The largest Polish producers of ERP systems have been specializing in invoicing, accounting, and warehouse management programs for years. Unfortunately, keeping up with changes in JPK, KSeF, etc. is so time-intensive that they are unable to offer customers the high-quality software that we can.

By implementing bs4 core, you will not revolutionize your accounting. However, we offer data exchange services with the most popular Polish ERP systems, such as Subiekt, Symfonia, Comarch, and Wa-pro.

Low-code software can speed up your digital transformation


faster creation time.

According to Forrester research, low-code software speeds up the application development process by 10x.


application cost.

According to research, the cost of developing applications using low-code tools is 1/3 the cost of traditional means.


savings on processes.

Companies that use low-code tools achieve savings of 20-30% thanks to automated business processes.

Our new software is sure to meet all your needs

Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP) are a new approach to business software.

In bs4 core you can configure:

  • database structure
  • program menu
  • forms and reports
  • permissions and automation
  • design elements, such as colors

Automation = lower costs and fewer mistakes

Fewer mistakes means happier customers and more sales.

  • Automate your work with email, PDF, and Word templates.
  • Set triggers in the program to perform certain actions.
  • Integrate email and instant messaging to improve the flow of information.
  • View alerts to monitor situations that require attention.

Those in Gen-Y and Gen-Z enjoy working with bs4 core

  • See how convenient, transparent, and aesthetic BS4 Core is.
  • We enable remote work via a browser or Android/iOS phone.
  • Modern user interface is based on REACT and Responsive Web Design.
Zarządzanie uprawnieniami do elementów i stron w bs4 core

Operational security

  • Secure, centralized database.
  • Information is protected, even if there are possible personnel changes in the company.
  • Sensitive data is secure. Detailed permissions settings
  • Event log available
  • System hosted on premises or in the cloud in the European Economic Area (as required by GDPR).

Join 350+ satisfied customers

5000+ users

During presentations of available CRM systems on the market, only bs4 was able to reprogram the functionality and views of windows and tables in accordance with our expectations, literally during the presentation, in just a few minutes, which proves the very high flexibility of the system.

Tomasz LangeBoard member, ASTAT sp. z o.o.

bs4 business solutions sp. z o. o. was responsible for implementing a comprehensive training management system in our company. [...] We would like to recommend bs4 as a partner that reliably and properly fulfills its tasks.

Sławomir ChrzanowskiBDO

The software turned out to be particularly helpful for employees of the Marketing and Sales departments, providing the possibility of regular contacts with customers and easy access to the history of cooperation with them. The bs4 system also facilitates communication within the company, which significantly improved the performance of assigned tasks and accelerated some decision-making processes.

Anita Czarneckablirt

We decided to cooperate with BS4 based on positive experiences using the system in a reference company. The basic business processes that have been improved thanks to the use of supporting software include: improvement of project flow with a preview of their history, also in graphical form, cost settlement and budgeting of orders, management of relationships with internal and external customers.

Magdalena LisBoard member, Columbit

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Prototype of a working application in 3 business days

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