TUV Nord Case study

TUV Nord Case Study

TUV NORD Poland LLC has been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years and is a part of an international TUV NORD group. The company started in Germany over 140 years ago and its operations allowed it to employ 10 000 people in more than 70 countries, including the areas in Europe, Asia, both Americas and Africa. TUV NORD Poland hires almost 130 employees at its headquarters in Katowice and 9 regional offices.

Wide range of services provided by TUV NORD Poland can be separated into 5 main areas: management systems certification, product certification, personal certification, training and technical approvals. It usually takes an individual approach to implement such solutions in companies working in all industries at once, thus it is impossible to apply "the best practices" method. The most crucial elements in these businesses are:

  • substantial system configuration possibilities, allowing each department to have different settings and functions, for example various degree of management control, different assignment types and more
  • Program should also offer the possibility of performing certain operations, such as reports and analyses on the data from the entire company,
  • Creation of different authorization profiles for individual employees.
  • Alerting functions for important points in the stages of providing services to customers.

"The implementation of the CRM system was one of our key strategic goals. We've spent year and a half before finally deciding which supplier to choose. During this time, we have analyzed a lot of solutions that could meet our expectations.

It was very important for us to choose a flexible solution, allowing us to match the needs of our customers, while being able to keep the rules imposed by the supervising bodies certification or acceptance of companies.

The asset of the bs4 company was the price, but the ability of the bs4 team to carry out the pre-implementation analysis proved to be very important. They proved to understand our internal processes, which was not an easy task, considering the complexity of activities in the area of certification."

- Rafal Rejszek, head of the Controlling Department and Project Manager of the CRM implementation, TUV NORD Poland LLC.

Where does the decision on the need for implementation of the CRM system come from?

For TUV NORD Poland it was necessary to find a system in which the company could work as a whole, while at the same time giving each department its own specific functionalities. The main problems for the CRM system to solve were:

  • One shared database of contractors – in the past, the company used multiple databases, which made it difficult to exchange information between departments. It was necessary to implement a unified system, in which users could work together while simultaneously maintain the distinction between departments.
  • The need to run professional marketing campaigns and the supervision of commercial structure in terms of quality and quantity.
  • The support of internal processes implementation necessary to perform services, including the need to introduce a new tool to manage employees directly implementing services for the clients, reports alarming about important dates in implementation or quick access to documents.
  • Having a tool that allows for extensive reporting and analysis of collected data.

Solutions proposed by the bs4 business solution

1. Creation of one database of contractors

Each department was given access to the contractors database, but not every employee could modify or see all the data. This enables multiple departments to use a contractor's card, for example, when a certification client decides to take additional training. Another department, establishing cooperation with the company's customer, has access to important information about him, such as the history of his receivables.

2. Bs4 DMS module

Implementation of a module which enabled the creation of diverse document flows, connected with closing contracts with clients, purchases or employee delegations. Each type the document consists of separate phases (altogether there are more than 30), with their own sets of entry and exit conditions, which means that without completing all the required fields, the document won't move to the next stage. The system tells the user what information is missing. In addition, it can, for example, suspend the implementation of the order for the supplier, while the finance department does not accept the required data.

3. Deal item

The implementation and sale of services is impossible without a deal item, as it allows to gather eseential commercial information and data regarding the process of implementation of services purchased by the clients. The combination of deal items with product copies and orders allows for the planning of certification services in a cycle imposed by relevant standards. The system has as many as 11 algorithms calculating reference dates of subsequent audits in the certifications process of clients.

4. Complex system of reports and monitorings

The ability to set monitorings, when the amount of data in the reports exceeds the permissible range. More than 200 monitorings were configured, and this number is still growing as the company is creating new ones. Users landing pages contain many reports that notify them about their "to-do" queue or reports associated with specific business areas.

5. Functionalities implemented in the training companies

Including: a database of training participants, the ability to create certificates templates, functions in the field of recruitment for training, training planning, putting them in the calendar or delegating them to trainers. The duplicate of the certificate prepared for them can be easily printed from the participant's card.

6. Other functionalities

  • periodic imports that modify the data,
  • data export via bs4 API,
  • creation of subcontractors databases, including the records of services they've participated in,
  • creation of shared groups of products for different departments,
  • creation of dozens of competence profiles for various employees.

TUV NORD Poland implementation is a great example of how it is possible to create a complex software and storage of large amount of data (hundreds of different system objects, thousands of events registered daily, all that while TUV NORD employees constantly modify and add new elements) without noticeable slowdowns (the company must have an appropriate server).

“At the turn of months, when it comes to closing a specific month, the program is being used by as many as 90 to 130 users, however it does not create any problems in the way software operates.”

- Rafal Rejszek, head of the Controlling Department, TUV NORD Poland LLC.

Custom solutions

It was one of those implementations where each solution was nonstandard, because each element had to be tailored to the company's specifics. It would not be possible without the configuration possibilities and flexibility of the bs4 proprietary software.

It was crucial for the company to configure the software on their own, as Rafał Rejszek emphasizes:

“It can be said that we interfere in the whole system, excluding the bs4 API. We modify all possible functions from the Admin panel, from the colors displayed on the form in every card to configurable options available in the report's navigation menu. Moreover, we develop scripts that work with bs4 API and build our own database triggers. We create associations between bs4 database and the databases of external programs. The open character of the bs4 software allows us to flexibly create solutions that supports our everyday work. An example is the CRM-side management of the training schedule, available on our website.

Development of the system

TUV NORD Poland systematically expands its base of users who use the software. It's an example of an enterprise that develops the tool given by the bs4 on its own (adding new fields, writing external scripts, exporting data to other software, among others).

Since the implementation of the software it was possible to simplify a lot of the procedures that were initially planned as overcomplicated. In many cases it was done without the need for additional programming work.

The bs4 company began its work on developing an invoicing mechanism for TUV NORD and creating alternative invoice items.

In the future, the company plans to develop the system's functions in the scope of further cooperation with external databases using www. The goal is to create a module for subcontractors so that information can be exchanged via the website.

“The invoicing mechanism of the bs4 company is a huge asset. It allows for a wide range of modification on an invoice item through merging and changing content while at the same time sustaining all accounting decrees associated with an item prior to the merging process.

Other invoicing software often lack such functionality, which may become a significant problem for the service provider, especially when trying to allocate the revenues for the components of the service sold.”

“Soon we won't need to use an invoicing software in the field of sales for controlling, thanks to the alternative invoice items in the bs4 program. This solution is a huge asset for our controlling.”

- Rafal Rejszek, head of the Controlling Department, TUV NORD Poland LLC.

Benefits of program implementation

  • sorting out the flow of information – gathering data from all departments in one place, allowing exchange it between them via CRM system,
  • workflow automation, for example in the field of redirecting messages or sending e-mails from templates,
  • improving e-documents flow inside the company,
  • professional recruitment of participants for TNP training and events through use of marketing campaign tools,
  • management of employees tasks in the commercial structure and control of their work efforts,
  • significant improvement of sales vindication system,
  • implementation of the settlements mechanisms for the delegations, working with an accounting program,
  • quick and easy management of the training newsletter on the website,
  • single database of the subcontractors facilitates the management of their work time and competences,
  • extensive system of reports and monitoring – alarming about unwanted delays and important deadlines, to which new alarms can be added,
  • much faster budgeting,
  • improved ticket servicing for subcontractors,
  • ability to estimate future revenues and costs,
  • extensive reporting system based on collected data.
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