Implementation methodology


Bs4 implementation methodology

Our software is implemented using swift methodology, largely based on the Agile manifest. Swift methodology is rated as more effective than "older", cascading methodologies (the so-called "waterfall").

How are we doing it?

  1. We are performing a mandatory pre-implementation analysis. It's general, containing elements characteristic for Scrum. Wer are focusing on defining implementation goals, gathering user stories and developing a product backlog.
  2. We are configuring and presenting the functionalities saved in the product backlog, in 2-3 weeks sprints, starting from the most important or technically feasible ones. Every 2-3 weeks we're presenting the effects of our work and gathering feedback, remotely or in person.
  3. You can change your requirements as we go, seeing the effects of previous sprints. For the time dedicated to configuration, presentation and trainings, we charge fees according to the price included in the contract.
  4. While we are configuring the program between sprints, your employees may login to the system to check if it's meeting their expectations.
  5. When you decide that the system is ready, we do training for all users or only key ones who will continue to train the others.

In our work, we minimize the flaws of the agile methodology and estimate the schedule and the costs of the implementation as accurately as possible. That is why every implementation is preceded by a pre-implementation analysis, in which we forecast work and time needed to configure individual parts of the system, among other things.

If the requirements from the original specification won't change during the project, then we declare maintaining current costs and deadlines. Should the need to modify already existing functionalities arise on subsequent presentations of the system, additional time of our implementation team may be required.

Changes are very often needed – that's the specifics of the implementation projects. Thanks to the agile approach, we are not tied to the arrangements from the analysis and we can improve the system in order to reach the ulimate goal – creating a dedicated program, perfectly tailored to the needs of Your company.

Your company gains high flexibility by chosing an agile methodology – you may clarify your requirements after practically checking the system. We're often faced with a situation where new ideas, related to how to adapt the system to the employees needs, come from the users during the implementation work.

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