Dynamic reports


Dynamic reports – flexible data preview and modification in the bs4 system


In the bs4 CRM software you will gain a flexible preview of all data in the system. Each system user can be individually presented with collected information, thanks to fully configurable reports. Both filtering criteria and columns in the table can be freely set.

Moreover, the data can be changed directly in the report – all while having a wide perspective and without the need to move to the selected item's card. Then, based on the specified reports, all the necessary statements and statistical reports can be generated.


Benefits for your company

  • Dynamic reports offer boundless possibilities of presenting and grouping interesting content.
  • You can freely configure your own searching criteria and columns.
  • You will implement changes in the selected data directly in the report – faster and with a greater perspective.
  • The system can remember selected filtering criteria, so that you save time by setting them only once.
  • You can print or export data to Excel, CSV or PDF formats.
  • You can compare data, create a list of changes over time, charts and statistical reports.
  • You can put selected reports on your landing page in the form of links or tables.

Fully customizable company data reports


You can create dynamic reports based on selected filtering criteria that can refer to any fields in the system. You gain full control over the analysis of thousands of information collected about customers, suppliers, employees, transactions – any data gathered in the software can be configured to reports, tailored to individual information needs.

  • Managing debt collection?
    You will easily find unpaid invoices, sorted by payment date, and immediately indicate the customers to whom the account manager should call in this matter.
  • Granting bonuses to traders?
    For each of them you will check not only the number of acquired customers, but also the amount of sales. In addition, you can save the bonus amount in the appropriate column.
  • Running marketing activities?
    Check which products are bestsellers and which require an intensive campaign. You can mark the products covered by the promotion in the same place, and after the action, check the sales results.
  • Approving discounts?
    Editable reports make your work significantly easier – you will sort orders according to the required acceptance and from the list you accept or reject the discount with the appropriate note.
  • Supervising work on the project?
    You will sort the report by employees, to check their work load and upcoming deadlines. When the need arises, you will change the person assigned to the task directly from the report.

Flexible filtering criteria


We provide full flexibility in the selection of available filtering criteria for specific reports. In some cases, it is possible to choose from several hundred criteria. What's more, the system administrator can change them on a regular basis.

Example: An administrator defines his own "number" type field in the contractor's card, where he puts information about the store surface. Next, he can use it while filtering eg. find contractors who have a store surface of 50 to 200 m2 or sort them according to this size.


Check some more convenient functionalities for users that improve the work with our software below:

  • Each user can remember their searching criteria in the system, which will be used by default for each subsequent viewing. They can be changed or deleted at any time.
  • If you enable filtering in the report by the "data" field, you can search both by absolute dates (selected from calendars from/to), as well as by relative periods (current year, last 3 months etc.). This option is particularly useful when saving a given filter – then we choose the second option, that is, relative periods.
  • You can put links to reports on your landing page in several forms to choose from: link, list of results, table or a chart. This way you gain fast access to the most import information.
  • You can print or export selected or all report rows to Excel, CSV or PDF with a single push of a button. In that case you can use additional security measures in the form of Authorizations – choosing who is allowed to export indicated information.
  • There are many specific options available for the reports. From basic (such as add or delete) to options depending on the report type (eg. In case of a list of contractors – send an email to selected, and in the list of discounts for approval – confirm selected). In this case, the administrator can also configure what options will be available to individual users.

Reports columns


The columns in the reports can be customized accordingly to the company's and users needs:

  • If you need additional information in the columns, then in most reports you can choose up to several hundred possible additional columns.
  • You can configure selected columns so that you can change the data directly in the report. You gain the ability to quickly edit, when analyzing from a broad perspective.
  • The columns are adjustable - you can modify their width, sequence and even hide the unnecessary ones.
  • You can sort data by any column.
  • The information in the columns is fully customizable.
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