CRM software for advertising agencies

CRM software for advertising agencies

Flexible bs4 ultra software provides the opportunity to adapt CRM to the specifics of an advertising agency. Based on the pre-implementation analysis, we reflect the organization and processes characteristic to the company in the system.

We provide our customers with individually tailored solution, at a much lower price than the custom-made software.

That way we enable the use of a tailored CRM system for advertising, interactive, full service, BTL, creative, marketing and many other agencies. Customization possibilities are very extensive, which makes adapted CRM available not only for the large players on the market, but also for small and medium companies.

Our solution can be applied from 10 users.

Control the communication with every client

The functioning of an advertising agency is based on the handling of many individual clients. Each of them has its own specific needs and requirements. With each you create a separate relationship and have different arrangements. To each you want to provide the best service and experience in contact with the company.

An irreplaceable support for building customer relationships is software for the bs4 ultra advertising agency. With our program you will increase the quality of service for each client individually. You will gain constant access to many current and historical data. Below are some examples illustrating how the bs4 software can facilitate communication with recipients:

1. You will gather all information about the contractor and manage access by granting authorizations to users in one place. You'll relate to the client not only meetings, finished tasks or full e-mail correspondence, but also events – such as, for example, a phone conversation with a note. The data is easily accessible to the employees involved, and all important arrangements are gathered in one place. You can check the full contact history at any time. Your agency will gain more knowledge about customer requirements and preferences, allowing you to create better suited offers and projects.

Effective management of graphic and advertising orders

With the CRM system for the advertising industry, you can manage all the work – from the extensive projects to small graphic design orders. Everything is done by individually customized types of tickets, consisting of different stages. Both during and after finishing the work on the project, you gain easy access to its details.

How can work on the preparation of graphics in the program look like?

1. After receiving the order, you enter its details in the bs4 system. Everything will be related to the indicated customer. The person responsible for the implementation of the sales topic has a permanent view of all the work (status, history), and can be kept informed about changes and progress of the project, using notifications, eg. system messages. Additionally, you can set alerts that will automatically inform about the upcoming deadline or non-scheduled tasks.

The authorizations are essential in effective management of projects and tasks in the program. For each stage, you can define people who are able to move order to the next stage. In the example above, the stage in which the work is verified by the coordinator will be available only for the supervisor who is approving the project. Everyone can preview the order and check in which stage it is currently in, but only the coordinator can accept it and move further in realization.

With the implementation of the bs4 ultra software, you can additionally launch a special website for the agency clients. This way they can comission work, monitor their implementation and review the effects. The scope of information provided in the platform can be individually configured, depending on the business specifics and the requirements of your agency.

Control the operating costs

In the bs4 CRM program you can register work time and resources used for specific orders. The advanced analytic capabilities allow you to control the work of both individual people and entire projects.

The program allows you to configure reports informing about:

  • time of order completion for the client. When multiplied by the cost of working hours, it gives you the outlay to complete the order.
  • the comparison of planned and actual time of order completion,
  • the total amount of time employees dedicate to working on orders,
  • the people currently working on the orders. Such report is particularly useful for work coordinator. You can put it on an individual landing page.
  • the profitability of specific orders, which is a valuable basis for making strategic decisions in the agency.

The bs4 ultra system also has monitoring functions – customizable alarms that can notify the selected user of disturbing phenomena. It may be, for example, the exceeding of the planned time of work on the project for the client. You can use monitorings in many other parts of the program and use them them to control employees or collect debt.

If the agency's activity is to rent advertising space (eg billboards), you can enter their detailed descriptions and keep a booking calendar in the program. In this way, you gain access to the current analysis of the use and availability of advertising media. Similarly, it is possible to reserve other resources, eg. conference room or a company car.

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