bs4 ultra CRM dedicated software


bs4 ultra CRM dedicated software

bs4 ultra (formerly bs4 Intranet) is more than a commonly understood CRM system, it is a comprehensive platform that helps you manage the company. Further to the basic function of customer relationship management (CRM), it enables e-document flow management (DMS) and support for tasks and business processes (workflow).

The program has an API that enables synchronization with different external applications. It's perfectly suited for integration with, for example: ERP, accounting and technical software and online shops, allowing for management of all information directly from bs4 ultra.

Furthermore, bs4 as a company offers the possibility to create a dedicated extranet – an external internet platfrom (B2B/B2C) used to exchange information with people who don't have access to the system, eg. Clients or training particiapants.

The bs4 ultra CRM can be installed on a company server or placed in the cloud, to be used remotely (online access via browser) and on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

What makes the bs4 ultra software stand out?

The CRM program created by bs4 has an incredibly flexible configuration. It can be tailored to the needs of a company just like dedicated software. However, its implementation is much faster and cheaper than in case of a software built from ground up.

What does "tailored" mean? - You can freely configure pretty much any elements in the system: forms, reports, navigation menus, employee authorizations, landing page, your own buttons, actions, statistical reports or integrations and synchronizations with any applications. It is solely up to your business decisions whether you entrust us with a comprehensive implementation or you entrust part of the work to your IT specialists. You can order any after-implementation changes in bs4 or make them yourself.

The bs4 ultra system is very complex, so so please take at least 30 minutes to get to know its capabilities and understand what makes it stand out. It is also worth talking with our consultant who will advise You on the right solutions for Your company. Find out why a tailored CRM system should be associated with an individual implementation!

What does bs4 ultra enable?

  • gather information about your Clients and contact history (CRM),
  • efficiently plan "to-dos" (your own and others),
  • automate the creation of offers and order your sales,
  • easily communicate with your Clients (mailing, personalized templates),
  • improve communication within the company (built-in messenger displaying associations with the object of discussion),
  • make better decisions with useful statistical reports (up to 3 grouping data criteria in the report).

If Your company has problems with...

  • hard to find Client info, his history or an account manager,
  • executing tasks assigned to the subordinates,
  • onboarding taking too long,
  • losing critical information and having problems with maintaining the continuity of business relationships when employees rotation is taking place,
  • internal communication and agreements, because you can't prove who promised what and to whom,
  • debt collection being inefficient and inconsistent,
  • indicating the workload of your technical or sales department,
  • offers, orders or complaints not being executed on time,
  • employees using their own templates for papers or e-mails, not always containing all the required information (eg. Offer expiration date) or not looking aesthetically enough,
  • does not have mass mailing tools that would contain personalized elements,
  • not having a system that would inform you about unwanted situations such as delays in executing an important project...

... then we have 2 messages for You! And both are good.

1.You're not the only one. In over 12 years of our activity we've seen dozens of different companies from various industries and it's hard to surprise us with a problem that we've not already dealt with.

2.The Bs4 ultra CRM software allows you to solve all of these problems and suit to Your needs.

Our consultant will gladly advise you on which modules to choose for Your company. If you'd like to analyze the benefits related to using the program yourself first, then you can check the detailed descriptions of the modules in the System functionalities tab.

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