bs4 mobile CRM system

Mobile CRM system – build relationships with your clients on your smartphone's screen!

The bs4 mobile application is a separate bs4 module that allows you to manage elementary processes and system mechanisms directly from your cellphone. Quickly access the most important information about the selected deal or contractor. Instantly create notes from business meetings. Your colleagues will have the information necessary to work on the arrangements from the meeting long time before your return to the office.

The most important benefits for the company:

  • improve day-to-day work of the employees in the field, eg. Sales or service department, where mobility and availability is crucial,
  • gain quick mobile access to the essential objects from the desktop version of the system: deals, tickets and contractors cards,
  • update these information easily and right away, instead of postponing it for the future,
  • improve the flow of information by exchanging messages and assign tasks to the in-office employees who use a desktop version of the bs4 system,
  • plain and simple interface makes the module usable on the vast range of mobile devices, not only the business class ones,
  • since bs4 mobile is as configurable as our whole system, it may be tailored to individual needs of Your company – mobile version consist of tabs defined by an administrator, representing the objects available in the desktop version.

Client's card – 360 degree view

In the bs4 mobile CRM system, field employees gain quick access to a contractors full information. Client's card may conists of multiple tabs, including:

  • contact details of the contractor,
  • headquarters,
  • client related history of activities,
  • invoices,
  • service tickets,
  • projects.

Each tab can be designed, so that it contains key information for the field employees – the project is up to You.

Orders, invoices, receivables

In the bs4 mobile app you also gain access to the registry of deals related to the client.

  • You may check current availability of specific products at any time.
  • You can input orders right away, by chosing articles from the stock.
  • You also gain a preview of invoices and the ability to filter them by unpaid and expired dates.

Charts and reports

Charts and reports are another configurable parts of the bs4 mobile CRM. You can adapt them to the requirements and the needs of inormation in Your company. Moreover, you can set authorizations in a way that allows each user to see exactly what they need and nothing else. It's a great way of, for example, dealing with the duplication of salespeople work – everyone sees only their clients info and can only work with them.

All the fields describing a client may be displayed as columns and filtering criteria in the reports. You gain a full degree of freedom in regards of presenting your contractors data. For example, a sales department manager can search contractors assigned to a specific salesperson and sort them by the value of the deals.

Moreover, new fields used to describe a contractor and created by an administrator can be instantly activated as filtering criteria and columns in the reports.

Based on all reports, you can create charts and share them with users in the mobile version of the CRM system.

Tasks and calendars

You always see the same task calendar, no matter what version of the system you are using at the moment (desktop or mobile). Tasks are related with, for example, contractors, deals or tickets, allowing for simple and fast transitions to the needed details.

Users can configure no only their own task calendars, but their coworkers – individually or in groups – aswell. This way every department manager can have a calendar containing tasks of his whole team.

Service tickets, complaints

With the new mobile CRM system, organization of the field service tickets reaches a whole new dimension.

While visiting a client, a service employee gains access to a preview of previous complaint tickets, which is crucial in certain industries for diagnosing serviced devices or considering a complaint.

What's more, creating a documentation will not be postponed. A service employee can add a picture and crucial information right away. He can also close the ticket or open a new one. If further actions or new parts are needed, an employee can immediately push the case to right people in the company.

Even contacting a client can be automated – while opening or closing a ticket, the system can send an e-mail or a SMS with a confirmation.

Cost documents, deals

Everything you're given to in the field – contracts, cost document, papers – can be registered in the app. You can initialize a document flow in the system just by taking a picture. This way you'll make your and your colleagues' work, and decision and formal processes in the company faster and easier.

You can use the bs4 mobile CRM system to remotely define e-documents scanned by the desktop system users. This way you'll eliminate the need to visit the office in person – for example, when the chairman is visiting a department on the other side of the country, he can – thanks to the bs4 app on his mobile - keep the central office fluent where his remarks are needed for documents.

Keeping your field employees in constant contact with the company

In the bs4 mobile system you gain access to the company mailbox, used for browsing and writing messages. This system combines corespondece with the correct contractor's card, tickets or deals (among others), which makes tracking full contact history so much easier.

Moreover, the app provides constant contact with the coworkers. Messages received, notifications and automatic alerts are showing up on your smartphone's push notifications list.

With the bs4 ultra mobile system you'll stay well informed about your company's activities.

Bs4 CRM mobile system – secured and tailored to your needs

Small displays and lack of classic keyboards and mouses make individual configuration of the mobile system even more important than in the desktop version. That is why we are providing a wide variety of configuration possibilities. The application is exactly tailored by a system administrator to the needs of Your company. Each employee can see what is most important from his point of view on his phone.

The bs4 mobile system may contain several (or even dozens of) necessary items, divided into folders. After restarting the application, the user can always start from the place where he last stopped work or from the dedicated home page, which is also tailored to his individual needs.

We also take care of software security. No valuable data is copied to your mobile phone. The information is loaded online from the bs4 Ultra server.

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