About us


About us

bs4 business solutions sp. z o. o. Is a developer of a proprietary CRM software that supports the management of business processes, documents and workflow. The company exists since 2002 and from the beginning of its activity, it focused on the development of innovative products and delivery of the highest quality solutions in the segment of advanced CRM systems.

The main product – bs4 ultra system (formerly bs4 Intranet) is a program dedicated mainly for enterprises with more than 10 employees. So far, it has already been implemented in over 300 companies throughout the country, belonging to various industries, including commercial, training, IT, construction, industrial, publishing and advertising.

Each client is a separate project for the company, and the flexibility and configurability of the software as well as the comprehensive experience of the company's employees, allow it to be appropriately tailored to the specifics and requirements of the company.

The bs4 software enables cooperation with other programs (including ERP) and data import. Among its basic modules are: service management, tasks, helpdesk, document flow and creating customer records.

The company's mission

"To stimulate growth of enterprises and institutions through building and implementation of modern web solutions, created accordingly to modern marketing trends and technological advancements."

What does 'bs4' mean?

There are two ways of interpreting the name:

Originally, it comes from a secretive, pre-war BS4 report (cipher office), in which three cryptologists worked: Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Rozycki. The name was chosen to commemorate and honor those outstanding mathematicians who managed to decpiher the German Enigma encryption machine.

It also has a second, more modern meaning – the abbreviation 'bs4' can be expanded as 'Business Solutions For'.

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